Could Regulations on Nicotine Turn Smokers into Vapers?

Nicotine is under fire once again, and the FDA is proposing new rules and regulation regarding its use. There is a new effort to crack down on nicotine use and limit how much nicotine a cigarette or any other product can contain. The idea is to make cigarettes and other nicotine products less addictive and less desirable.

Not a lot of people are aware of the proposed legislations, and there is a chance that it may not even go through,companies such as are on this wagon. As always, there is plenty of opposition to legislation that targets smokers.

What Smokers Think about Possible Legislation

A lot of smokers are already starting to turn to vaping as an alternative to their long time habit. Those who have been smoking for 10, 20 and even 30 years are choosing to vape instead so that they can more easily control their nicotine intake or simply enjoy a healthier habit. Many times, it is their doctor who recommend they try something else, as other quitting methods may not be working for some of them.

When asked about how they would feel if new legislation made it difficult to get much nicotine from their cigarettes, many smokers responded by saying they may switch to vaping to get their fix. If it became illegal to smoke the same kind of cigarettes they were used to, then that could be the impetus that would push them to go with vaping instead.

Many longtime smokers are simply waiting for that push that makes it too expensive or too difficult for them to continue their habit. They want a reason to quit, many times, and if the proposed legislation does actually go through, that could be the deciding factor for them.

How Vaping Compares to Smoking

It would definitely be preferable for them to choose vaping over smoking, since vaping has been shown to be safer than cigarette smoking. The biggest difference between these two activities is the combustion that takes place with smoking, whereas vaping only creates heat. Vapor is created, but no smoke or act of combustion.

Whenever smoke or fire is created, then carcinogens are released into the air. These are inhaled by the smoker and those who are nearby, through secondhand smoke. That alone makes smoking the more dangerous activity, but there are also a number of harmful chemicals in tobacco cigarettes that cause a variety of medical problems.

It is worth noting that vaping has not been as thoroughly researched as cigarette smoking, so new research and ongoing research may find more health problems that stem from vaping hat are not known yet. Of course, that research could also show that vaping is safer than we suspected, which is what a lot of vaping enthusiasts are hoping for.

Long-term effects of vaping are where the research is really lacking, but so far, all signs points to an activity that is about 50 times less dangerous than smoking. In some ways, it is just as dangerous, but when you consider all the risk factors together, vaping easily comes out on top as the healthier choice.

That is why many doctors recommend vaping as an alternative to smoking, since it offers a similar experience but few of the same health risks. Many consumers are already making the switch and finding a healthier pastime that is just as enjoyable to them as smoking is. Some are even using vaping as a stepping stone to quite using nicotine altogether. That’s fairly easy to do for many, since the e-liquid used in vaping can be purchased with differing concentrations of nicotine. There are even nicotine-free options for those who want to vape without the risk of addiction and other problems that nicotine causes.

If the legislation ever comes through to restrict nicotine usage,then the vaping industry should be well situated to accommodate large numbers of people who feel disenfranchised and who need an alternative to cigarette smoking.

Louie in Uncategorized October 26, 2017